Updated 11-12-2019

Please note that our service types correspond to matching service types and descriptions as listed on our invoice and are made available to you on our website.  The website invoice allows you to fill in the necessary information to submit your merchandise then you print a copy and enclose it with your order. You must register with our site in order to gain access to the active invoice.

Please remember to print Three (3) copies of your invoice. Two (2) copies go to SEGS in your shipment and One (1) copy will be for your records.  Also you can save a copy of your PDF Document for storage on your computer.

As a general rule, SEGS returns all of its clients’ submittals by United States Postal Service, Registered and Insured for the full “Owners Declared Value” of your merchandise. Please visit  If you have a private account that is insured with another carrier please feel free to supply us with that information in writing and we will gladly return your merchandise as specified. If shipping UPS or Federal Express please call our office for our physical address.  Please do not under insure your merchandise.

Please note that all service tiers receive standard attributions such as; full head, full bell lines, full steps, etc., at no additional charge.

If you require research attribution such as Breen, Cohen, Vam, Fivaz-Stanton, Greer, Briggs, etc., the fee for “Error and Variety Designation” service will apply in addition to the “Standard” service fee.

All foreign, colonials, tokens, ancients and medals require “look-up” research; therefore all merchandise within this category requires the additional fee for “Error and Variety Designation” service.

Reserved on the SEGS submittal form is an area designated for single coins that require more than one service. Please use this area when combining service levels.  Simply check each service required for that particular coin left to right, add up each required service fee and enter the total at the end of the line item.

Orders are processed on a first come – first serve basis.  Most orders return within a 8-12 Week working time frame.  If you submit merchandise that requires consult with another specialist such as Leroy Van Allen or Bill Fivaz your return time will take longer.  This situation applies when a coin has not been yet “catalogued”, is extremely rare, or is suspect counterfeit.

If you need further information or have additional question, please Email us at , Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

You may also call our office and request a physical invoice along with a sample of our product if this method better suits your needs. 

Please call for any current discount advertised prices that apply.

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