“Resubmitting for Verification of Grade”

If after SEGS has graded a coin, the owner of such coin believes that the coin has been over graded with respect to such standards and procedures, the owner may submit such coin to SEGS in its original SEGS coin capsule for re-grading. The fee for such re-grading shall be $20, and may be refundable.

Provided that the SEGS coin capsule has not been damaged or tampered with, and provided that there are no typographical errors in the grade and/or other identifying information for the coin on the SEGS label, the original grade shall be masked and a re-grade shall be determined.

Fair market value shall be determined by SEGS, and any replacement value is solely at the discretion of SEGS Grading Service. Please be aware it is "common knowledge" among experienced collectors and dealers that a grade assigned to any coin may vary 1-2 points between the opinions of different graders and different third-party services.

If SEGS determines the original information associated with the re-submitted SEGS encapsulated coin accurately represents the SEGS encapsulated coin, the coin will be returned to the customer and the $ 20.00 fee will be assessed. In this instance the client is responsible for all fees, shipping and insurance charges.


“Resubmitting for Verification of Grade Fee”… $20.00 per coin.


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